• Thailand beyond the highlights !

    A UNIQUE riding experience.
  • Historical Thailand

    Amazing routes in the heart of the Sukhotai Kingdom.
  • Historical Thailand

    Discover the magic of the Siam civilisation.
  • Around Bangkok

    Bike on the beach front
  • Around Bangkok

    Floating markets and Hua Hin pleasures.
  • Historical Thailand

    Step into the wildness of the Kanchanaburi province.
  • Coast Theme

    Ferry ride to Kho Chang.

Asia Riding Adventure

Motorbike tours Thailand

We are your traveling partner specialized in motorbike tours Thailand with a passion for riding. Touring by motorbike in Thailand is the ultimate travel experience, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to share our own love for riding with others to discover the real thailand.

When landing in Bangkok, a 15 minutes taxi drive will take you to our premise from where your adventure will start. Time alternately stands still, or seems to extend forever on a bike. It’s multi-sensory … sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch are amplified … It’s a sensation that begs to be shared, shown to others and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

A unique experience
There’s not much for you to worry about on an Asia riding Adventure Tour. Our aim is to offer guided motorbike tours in a small group for motorcyclists looking to discover for a few days the real Thailand…. the unseen… the beautiful. We will stay in small, cosy and comfortable hotels and eat in local restaurants. Our motorbike tours will provide a real insight into the countries you are visiting combining the culture, the history, the landscape and the natural world providing the opportunity to interact with the local people. You will find yourself into regions where tourist buses can hardly go …

Tours Map

Thai bike tours

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*Siem Reap tour coming soon.

Responsible travel
Respect for local people, their cultures, traditions, religions and environment are essential to our philosophy and our tours. We work hard to ensure our groups have a positive impact on the places and people visited.

Having fun !
Our goal is to create a touring experience that will be what the “Easy Rider” spirit in you needs … with a relaxed friendly approach. Further to our riding experience, one of our goals when setting up Asia Riding Adventure was to offer professional tours geared towards maximum pleasure ! That’s why we want to limit our tours group to 8 riders and balance as much as possible the ability of each rider.

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7.5% discount on your next rental for any feedback submitted using the same email adress as your first booking.
As of end of September and in addition to our touring activity, Asia Riding Adventure will be operating a rental service on its brand new 2013 Versys/ER-6n fleet.
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Agents needed ! If you are owning or within the tourism industry and you would like to promote and sell © Asia Riding Adventure tours, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our unique guided motorbike tour approach
Bangkok is centrally located in Thailand so you will have the ability to visit most of the areas with Asia Riding Adventure. Our modules based approach will either allow you to go for just one of our modules (tours) for a short and relaxed trip of around 6 days time OR combine modules together and come with your own ideal and personalised tour composed of 2 or 3 modules for an unforgettable adventure in Thailand.

Safety Tips

The weather in South East Asia is warm and humid all year round. This guarantees us 365 days a year on the road but at the same it might be tough for non-used riders. Therefore the following tips should be taken seriously:

  • Be realistic with your physical condition and choose the tour accordingly.
  • Always follow the given instructions.
  • Rest enough. That’s why we are using quality hotels only.
  • Alcohol and biking DO NOT belong together.
  • Always use adequate safety gear: Helmet with visor, ventilated riding jackets, riding pants, boots, riding glasses and gloves.

Except for the helmets, these gears are not available at Asia Riding Adventure so we encourage you to bring and use your own gear.