ARA Team

Andy is our guide’s manager and has been performing the tours guide activity for about 20 years in Thailand. The love of his country is obvious from the first time you meet him and it will be his pleasure to share with you his passion for Thailand. He will be very enthusiastic in showing his country on a bike as he has always been doing that on a bus or van in the past.

Mike is a passionate biker for over 40 years and has turned his dream into reality making the years of riding across SEA becoming a reality. He grew up in Canada and decided to make his life an endless motorbike trip riding in groups because he likes being around people pursuing their favorite hobby, giving advices and spending a great time.

Erich is Austrian, speaks Thai and has been living in Thailand for about 25 years gathering a deep knowledge of the Thai culture. His is a passionate rider and will be the road captain on our tours providing his extensive experience of the country.