Motorbike Tour – SUKHOTHAI & CHIANG MAI (Historical Thailand)

Bangkok - Sukhothai

Come enjoy in a way that few other tourists can! This tour offers fantastic riding into remote locations like the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sukhothai or the Nam Nao park, one of Thailand most beautiful Park.

After meeting in our main offices in Bangkok in the morning, we will provide you with a short briefing of the tour prior to heading to the ancient capital of the Siam dynastie Ayuthaya, a Unesco World Heritage. It was once glorified as one of the biggest cities in the world, a Southeast Asian center for civilizations.
We will than head to Khao Yai national park where we will have the chance to discover the nature in its most pure element with abondant vegetation and unique waterfalls. Overnight in Khao Yai*.

After a well deserved breakfast at the hotel in Khao Yai, we’ll head to Khon Kaen on route 2 stoping at Phimai where we will discover an exact replication of the Angkor wat in Cambodia, a treasure of the Khemer architecture. On the way, we will discover amazing trees and unique vegetation at Sai Ngam forest. Night spent in Khon Kaen**.

On day 3, we’ll have an early departure to the Phu Wiang park and further to the Suan Hin Pha Ngam where we’ll park the bikes for an hour or two and enjoy a walk on the narrow mountained paths. Overnight in Loei***.

On the next day, we will be riding south to Lom Sak after a short ride through Phu Rua national park. Route 12 between Lom Sak and Phitsanulok the largest city in Northern Thailand is known as the ‘Green Route’, which parallels the scenic, rapid-studded Lam Nam Khek. We then continue to “Phu Hin Rongkla” to take the most beautiful twisty roads enjoying a relaxing ride through the clouds coming in. Overnight in Phitsanulok****.

The next day, we continue the ride passing through rice fields until we reach Sukhothai. Visit of the Ancient Sukhothai Historical Park. Riding through ancient ruins is an incomparable experience. We than relax at our designated accommodation in Sukhothai*****. As of day 6 possible extension to Chiang Mai riding deeper into the golden triangle area.

On day 6 we depart to Huai kha khaeng, a wild life sanctuary. Lunch will be provided on the road in a traditional restaurant. Huai kha khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries are the most abundant forest reserves in Thailand. Ethnic people in the west of the country and experienced hunter from town knew for long time that these sanctuaries are home to a variety of wildlife animals. Riding through thiswild forest is a lifetime unforgettable experience. Overnight in Huai kha khaeng****** area.

On the way back to Bangkok, will ride through eastern-Thailand having some of the most beautiful twisty roads.
Arrival in Bangkok late in the afternoon.


CB500X Rider Versys Rider Van/bike Passenger
THB 78,190 THB 80,990 THB 38,090

Info: If requested prior to the booking, possible extension through Lampang to Chang Mai area possible as of day 6 to discover the beauty of riding northern Thailand’s curvy roads on the golden triangle area. This extension increases the overall tour duration to 12 days riding.



Please note that the dates and prices for 2018 are not confirmed yet. The dates shown on our website are preliminary dates for 2018 and might change.

Sukhothai and Chiang Mai Motorbike Tour

Riding Tips

Traffic in South East Asia is left handed. This might cause some headache for our American and European customers but not to worry, you will adapt to it fast. Another thing is the traffic, which is dense and sometimes full of action. This is one more reason why a fresh mind and properly adjusted mirrors are needed over here. Stop in pairs at the traffic lights and ensure you do not overpass the riders ahead of you at the green light which can result in silly accidents.

Roads in general are in good condition but you still need to always pay full attention while on the road. The scenic routes in the more rural parts of Thailand will definitely have pot holes, so do look out for them and be prepared that there might be a cow standing in the middle of the road just around the next bend.

The sun is HOT hence it is always a must to apply sun block and use it generously. Use long sleeves (jackets) and breathable materials always when you can. People who are coming to Asia for the first time might get frustrated if the ATM cash machine at the hotel reception is not working as fast as back home. This and many other little peeves here and there should not destroy your mood. You are on holiday, in ASIA.

Services included

  • All overnights in hotels during the entire tour
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Kawasaki ER-6n or Versys 2013 with unlimited mileage
  • Fuel and oil
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Tour guide on motorcycle
  • Museum, temples and parks fees
  • Back-up van for luggage transportation and passengers
  • Helmets if requested during the booking







Bangkok – Sukhotai


A fantastic motorcycle tour to Sukhotai, Thailand.
ROUTE: Total distance 1600 – 1800 Kms,
Comfortable and well equiped hotel.
SPECIAL TIP: Come in a few days early to enjoy Bangkok and the beaches of South Thailand.
HIGHLIGHTS: Siam civilisation, Mountain ridiing, world heritage sites: Sukhotai


A fantastic motorcycle tour in Siam Empire.
DAY 1 Bangkok -> Ayutthaya ->Khao Yai
DAY 2 Khao Yai -> Phimai -> Khon Kaen
DAY 3 Khon Kaen (Phu Wiang NP) -> Suan Hin Pha Ngam NP -> Loei
DAY 4 Loei (Phu Rua) -> Loei Castle -> Phitsanulok
DAY 5 Phitsanulok -> Sukhothai (Si Satchanalai Historical Park)
DAY 6 Sukhothai -> huai kha khaeng
DAY 7 Huai kha khaeng -> Bangkok




One of the most important features of any Asia Riding Adventure tour is the right route. We take time to choose and test-ride our routes. For experienced motorcyclists, the smaller roads with less traffic and lots of turns are close to paradise, but too demanding for beginners or intermediates to handle. Riding conditions, traffic flow, local driving habits, and road surface quality all vary considerably from country to country and region to region. All of these factors go into our ROUTE GRADING determination.

If you have never been on a tour outside your home country, or if you have little or no experience riding extremely curvy mountain roads, we recommend you stay with the MODERATE or INTERMEDIATE tours. If in doubt, send us an e-mail or call!

Moderate: The whole route is on asphalt. The roads will be curvy at times, but mostly easy to handle. Even on these tours you must be able to ride your motorcycle – do NOT expect to learn how to ride a motorcycle while on tour! A minimum of 5,000 miles of motorcycle experience is required to take part in the tour, and you should ride motorcycles on a regular basis at home.

Intermediate: These routes run mostly on asphalt. There can be sections of very twisty roads, sometimes even with tight switchbacks. Traffic could be intense, and local driving habits may seem unpredictable, or even chaotic, to you – so you must be an experienced rider. A minimum of 7,500 miles of motorcycle experience is required to take part in the tour, and you have to ride motorcycles on a regular basis at home.

Tough: In general, these routes run on asphalt roads. A good portion of the route runs on very narrow, sometimes single lane roads. The roads are very curvy with quite a few tight switchbacks. There may be detours because of road construction, which will require riding on gravel and unpaved sections for some distance. Some riding days are quite long and demanding. Traffic may be very intense and unusual at times, with local driving habits that differ significantly from what you are used to. You must be a VERY experienced rider to take part in the tour. A minimum of 10,000 miles of motorcycle experience is required to participate, and you must ride motorcycles on a regular basis at home.


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