Kawasaki ER 6N

The ER-6n middleweight bike is the sort of bike you ride and think “this is so obvious, why didn’t they do it sooner?”.

This is an easy to ride bike and the comfort is tremendous, partly because of the new two-pieces seat. The sporty looking tandem seat with thick cushioning ensures good passenger comfort and confidence which makes it easier for riders when carrying a pillion.

 The suspension has an exceptionally high-quality feel and stability at speed on bumpy surfaces is extremely good, a useful trait given the state of some roads in Thailand.

The long-travel high-tech suspension is critical to the ER-6n’s multi-role mission ! An adjustable,  41mm tapered-tube inverted fork soaks up bumps big and small, and like the rear end, firms up nicely as the pace increases.

The ER-6n’s Parallel Twin engine configuration is the best balance of good power characteristics and compact size. Engine tuning delivered both a rider-friendly character ideal for new riders and performance to put a smile on the faces of experienced motorcyclists!

Kawasaki Versys

If versatility were a sport, the Kawasaki Versys sportbike would be its champion!  Comfortable riding position while commuting, a serious sporty attitude while carving in the Thailand twisty roads, the Versys is a fitting companion for just about any AsiaRidingAdventure!!

The Versys’ compact, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 649cc, parallel-twin engine was the perfect power plant for riding roads in Thailand , enough for advanced riders and predictable enough to inspire confidence in rank novices.

 Absolutely key to the Versys’ success is a comfortable, carefully designed cockpit that provides a mostly upright, natural seating position and features a stepped seat constructed to provide optimum comfort for both rider and passenger.

 Possibly the most versatile motorcycle out there, the Versys excels at almost any task it’s given, from gridlock traffic jams to canyon carving to long-distance touring.

Honda CB500X

Ever since its introduction, Honda’s CB500X has been a breakaway favorite with riders. That’s no surprise to anybody who’s ridden one: the CB500X is an adventure-style motorcycle that delivers comfort, versatility and a can-do attitude at a surprisingly affordable price. And to make a great choice even better, the 2016 CB500X features a bucketful of improvements this year.

You still get plenty of performance, and the capability to excel at everything from adventure rides to sport touring. The torquey 471cc parallel-twin DOHC engine delivers the broad-spectrum power that Honda twins are famous for, while the CB500X’s upright handlebar naturally accommodates a wide variety of riders. You can adjust the compact windscreen to varying heights (plus it’s 100mm taller this year), and the larger-capacity fuel tank is carefully shaped to give the rider an unrestricted riding position.

The CB500X is an excellent choice for riders ready to move up a displacement class, or for anyone who appreciates a great middleweight motorcycle. And the bike’s sharp, new styling this year makes a great choice even better!

BMW f800GS

The BMW F800GS is BMW Motorcycles’ mid-market adventure touring bike. The Parallel Twin engine is a slightly revised version of one used in the BMW F800ST.

Riders can move their feet freely on the F800GS, so off-road riding is much more natural and effective than on the larger Beemers. BMW’s German engineers wanted to make dual purpose use a major priority for this dirt bike/street bike.

One of the things we like best was the comfortable ergonomics. Riding the BMW F800GS on-road or off-road is easy when standing or sitting. An optional lower seat helps make the F800 more manageable for shorter riders.

Fuel tank is located under the F800GS seat which helps keep weight low. Overall weight for the BMW F800GS is claimed at 220 kg ready to ride. That’s still a large machine in dirt bike standards, but as far as street bikes go, the F800 isn’t overly hefty.